Built in 1910 as Ogdensburg’s fifth public school, it was adapted for re-use in 1930 as the Borough’s first firehouse. In 1989, with the aid of two state grants, the Ogdensburg Historical Society adapted it for re-use and dedicated it as the Old Schoolhouse and Firehouse Museum. After 97 years, the Museum continues to serve the Borough of Ogdensburg as an historical learning and preservation center, and as a meeting hall. On June 10, 2006 it was dedicated as an Ogdensburg Historic Site.

The museum’s first floor lobby holds a display case of minerals from the Ogdensburg’s Zinc Mine that was originally in the grade school. The fire truck bays contain the Ogdensburg Fire Department’s retired 1935 and 1959 American La France pumper trucks. These fire trucks can still be seen at parades. In June of 2006, the bays were dedicated in memory of William “Doly” Dolan and Joseph Fitzgibbons Sr.. These men were former students, OFD fire chiefs, and OHS charter members and vice-presidents all within the walls of this building. We will be adding more OFD memorabilia in the future.

The second floor serves as a meeting hall for the society’s meetings and its showcases hold donated Ogdensburg memorabilia from: postcards of old Ogdensburg; the school history and graduation pictures; a display of the zinc mill operation; a scale model of the mine’s hoist; Ogden family history; old borough was seals to Odd Fellows ribbons. The second floor also contains a small room of Thomas A. Edison memorabilia to honor the ten years Edison spent mining iron ore at the old Ogden Mine on Sparta Mountain.



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