The Hummingbird House is an old fashioned and quaint breakfast, lunch, and catering cafe. We offer a selection of homemade traditional and unique breakfast and lunch items.

The Hummingbird House is a restaurant that is owned and operated by family; it is owned by Elizabeth Biron and Sheryl Biron. Elizabeth started her culinary career at Penn State where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Hotel Restaurant Institutional Management with a focus in Nutrition and Human Resources. She has followed an impressive career path helping others open and manage different operations but always had a dream of opening her own restaurant.

As if by fate Sheryl stumbled upon a listing for the sale of the former Tea Hive establishment and the two couldn’t believe how the philosophy could not be a better fit. Elizabeth had always dreamed of opening a family oriented place that could represent two of the great legacies of her life. Her father, Mike Biron, loved making breakfast and it would frequently be a special family time. Her grandmother, “Mema” Elizabeth Lopatesky, was a wonderful cook who spent her later days making the local priests lunch weekly.

The Hummingbird House is not only built on a menu of family traditions and recipes but it has been incorporated into the restaurant name and logo. The hummingbird has a significant meaning because the bird would frequent the family after Mike Biron passed. The family feels that the hummingbird would visit to let them know that the future would be great. In addition to the bird being apart of the logo the strong mountain behind it is the beautiful Burgess Adirondack Mountain where Mike’s ashes rest.

We, as a family, decided to do what Dad loved best, giving back to the community. We created the Mike Biron Field of Dreams Foundation, a foundation to light the Hampton Township Recreation Fields in Hampton Township. The field of dreams was an idea Dad had to light the local ballfields so children could be safe while playing at “The Pit”.

We hope that you will join us for not only a special breakfast or lunch but for special treatment. We put the emphasis on people, both patrons and staff. We focus on enabling our staff to provide each of our guests the fresh food and friendly service that they have come to expect of us.

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About the house…..

The Hummingbird House was known as the James Mattison House. This house was purchased in the late 1700’s, probably around 1793, by James Mattison who had come to Sussex County between 1780-1785. The farm, a very large parcel with divisions over the years, remained in the Mattison family until at least 1869. An addition was added to the house in the early to mid 1800’s.

Older deeds show that the rites of passage probably went from Jonathan Hampton, John Chetwood, and John Blanchard, James Morrow, Henry Hoover and then on to James Mattison. Other deeds show that smaller parcels of land were sold off from the original farm.

A man named Samuel Washer owned the farm in the early 1920’s; here he raised ducks and geese. He made a pond from one of the numerous springs in the area.

When he sold the property, he sold his geese and duck houses in 3 section of about 30 feed to George Snook, Mr. Bales and William Commings.



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